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Non-Invasive Vascular Lab
The non-invasive vascular laboratory at Vascular Associates of San Diego is a full service vascular lab designed to allow comprehensive evaluation of a full spectrum of vascular disorders.

Modern ultrasound equipment is utilized to evaluate patients for aneurysms of the abdominal aorta, iliac arteries or extremity arteries. Resting and exercise testing is available to evaluate patients for peripheral arterial disease. Duplex ultrasound evaluation is commonly performed to diagnose renal artery stenosis, carotid artery stenosis and chronic venous insufficiency.

Our laboratory is run by Registered Vascular Technologists (RVT) specially trained and certified to evaluate patients with vascular disease. Ultrasound imaging is a painless medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Vascular ultrasound provides pictures of the body's veins and arteries.

Vascular ultrasound is performed to:
  • help monitor the blood flow to organs and tissues throughout the body
  • locate and identify blockages (stenosis) and abnormalities like blood clots, plaque or emboli and help plan for their effective treatment
  • determine whether a patient is a good candidate for a procedure such as angioplasty
  • to plan or evaluate the success of procedures that graft or bypass blood vessels

Doppler ultrasound images can help the physician to see and evaluate:
  • blockages to blood flow (such as clots)
  • narrowing of vessels (which may be caused by plaque)
  • tumors and congenital malformation

Ultrasound scanning is non-invasive (no needles or injections) and is painless. Ultrasound imaging uses no ionizing radiation and therefore causes no health problems and may be repeated as often as is necessary if medically indicated.

At Vascular Associates of San Diego a physician specifically trained to supervise and interpret vascular laboratory examinations, will analyze the images and share the results with you. A report is also sent to your primary care or referring physician upon request.

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